Alex Ng - ProjectRepository Template

3/2024 - Present


A template for github repositories

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This is a GitHub template repository with a setup script written in Typescript and ran with Node.Js.


Aimed at forgoing repetitive setup tasks and configuration headaches, simplifying your workflow, saving time, and ensuring consistency across projects.

All for making starting new projects feel like a breeze again.


I send a long time configuring my GitHub project files to ensure that it has everything it needs. This has become a pain point for me and thus I decided to create a template repository with a setup script for automation.


I originally wrote the setup script in bash and only tested it on my local Archlinux distribution. Since then, Lyubomir Ternavskiy ported the bash script to Javascript in #28 which I then finally ported to Typescript in #34.


This project is published under the MIT License.